An accountant is one of the main players in any business that he or she works for, whether it is a large corporation or a small business. The accountant monitors and records the flow of money through a business or organization

Career Path

  •   Staff Accountant
  •   Senior Accountant
  •   Accounting Manager
  •   Accounting Specialist

Main Activity

  • Examine financial statements to ensure that they are accurate and comply with laws and regulations

  • Compute taxes owed, prepare tax returns, and ensure that taxes are paid properly and on time

  • Inspect account books and accounting systems for efficiency and use of accepted accounting procedures

  • Organize and maintain financial records

  • Assess financial operations and make best-practices recommendations to management

  • Suggest ways to reduce costs, enhance revenues, and improve profits


  •   Communication skills
  •   Analytical Skill
  •   Math Skill
  •   Organizational skills
  •   Detail Oriented


  • Public Accountants
  • Management Accountants
  • Government Accountants
  • Internal Auditors
  • External Auditors
  • Information Technology Auditors