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Agricultural Manager


Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers operate establishments that produce crops, livestock, and dairy products.

Career Path

  •   Agricultural Worker
  •   Senior Worker
  •   Agricultural Manager
  •   Animal Breeder
  •   Farm Equipment Operator
  •   Farm Products Trader
  •   Farm Owner

Main Activity

  • Supervise all steps of the crop production and ranging process, including planting, fertilizing, harvesting, and herding

  • Determine how to raise crops or livestock by evaluating factors such as market conditions, disease, soil conditions, and the availability of federal programs

  • Select and purchase supplies, such as seed, fertilizers, and farm machinery

  • Ensure that farm machinery is maintained and repaired

  • Adapt their duties to the seasons, weather conditions, or a crop’s growing cycle

  • Maintain farm facilities, such as water pipes, hoses, fences, and animal shelters

  • Serve as the sales agent for livestock, crops, and dairy products

  • Record financial, tax, production, and employee information


  • 3.2jt – 5.8jt
  • 10jt+ (Owner)


  •   Analytical Skill
  •   Interpersonal skills
  •   Mechanical Skills
  •   Physical Strength


  • Crop Farm Manager
  • Livestock Farm Manager
  • Horticultural Farm Manager
  • Aquatic Farm Manager