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Animal Trainer


An animal trainer, using a variety of techniques, teaches dogs, horses or even marine animals to behave in a certain way. He or she gets animals accustomed to human contact and teaches them to respond to commands. An animal trainer may work with show animals, service animals or family pets.

Career Path

  •   Trainer in Training
  •   Trainer
  •   Specialist

Main Activity

  • Doggy Daycare Center: Keep dogs safe and help them learn manners

  • Pet Supply Chain Store: Coach, encourage and motivate dogs and pet parents

  • Aquarium: Provide daily husbandry for tigers and the avian collection

  • Animal Shelter: Educate our volunteers, adopters, and community on dog behavior and training

  • Humane Society: Work with other staff on post-adoption challenges with training class students

  • Animal Entertainment Production Company: Assist with animal care and back stage responsibilities


  •   Speaking skills
  •   Presentation Skill
  •   Physical Strength
  •   Dextirity
  •   Decision Making Skills
  •   Interpersonal skills


  • Dog Trainer
  • Horse Trainer
  • Dolphin Trainer
  • Wildlife Trainer for Shows

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