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Bridal Owner


As the owner of a Bridal Boutique, you will get to shop for the latest designer gowns, be the first to know about newest fashion trends, help clients to find and accessorize their wedding gowns.

Career Path

  •   Bridal boutique attendant
  •   Bridal Consultant
  •   Bridal Owner

Main Activity

  • Develop effective system for running bridal shop on a daily basis

  • Organize inventory of the Bridal Salon

  • Market the bridal salon to reach targeted customer

  • Maximizing customer satisfaction

  • Checking bridal product trends 


  • 11jt – 15jt


  •   Communication skills
  •   Strong Entrepreneual skills


  • Full Service Bridal Shop Owner
  • Couture Bridal Gown Owner
  • Custom-Designed Gown Owner