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Factory Worker


Factory workers in the numerous industry manufacture items using machinery. They work with raw materials and equipment to produce rubber and plastic items; the work is repetitive and requires good concentration skills to ensure product quality and worker safety

Career Path

  •   Factory Worker
  •   Shift Supervisor
  •   Quality Control

Main Activity

  • measuring, grading and feeding batches of raw materials into production machinery

  • operating production line equipment, like a conveyor line in a canning factory

  • assembling goods on a production line, like fitting circuit boards into computers

  • reporting equipment faults to maintenance staff

  • finishing products, for example applying protective coatings

  • monitoring the production process and carrying out basic testing and quality checks

  • storing goods and raw materials in the factory or warehouse

  • using lifting equipment and forklift trucks

  • packing goods ready for shipment

  • cleaning and maintaining work areas and machinery


  • 2 - 7jt


  •   Good practical skills
  •   Detail Oriented
  •   Ability to work quickly and methodically
  •   concentration
  •   Ability to follow instruction


  • Food Factory Worker
  • Manufacturing Factory Worker
  • Plastic & Rubber Factory Worker
  • Machinery Factory Worker