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Fashion Writer And Critic


Fashion writer and critics are part of Fashion Journalism. They write, edit, and helping to formulate and style for a fashion shoot. Fashion magazines and newspapers rely on fashion critics to provide the latest styles and occurrences at fashion shows for their readers

Career Path

  •   Junior Fashion Writer
  •   Senior Fashion Writer
  •   Fashion Editor
  •   Fashion Influencer

Main Activity

  • Going to meetings to plan the content of the fashion media

  • Suggesting ideas for articles

  • Interviewing and researching Fashion influencers to collect information

  • Working as critics to review the latest trends in industry

  • Attending fashion events to write reports and predicting trend in fashion industry


  •   Excellent communication and writing skills
  •   Research skills
  •   Self-confidence
  •   Ability to make people relax
  •   Ability to absorb information quickly
  •   Ability to write in an appropriate