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Fitness Trainer


A fitness trainer is someone who leads, instructs, and motivates individuals or groups in exercise activities, including cardiovascular exercise (exercises for the heart and blood system), strength training, and stretching

Career Path

  •   Fitness Trainee
  •   Fitness Instructor
  •   Personal Trainer
  •   Specialty Instructor
  •   Fitness consultant

Main Activity

  • Demonstrate how to carry out various exercises and routines

  • Watch clients do exercises and show or tell them correct techniques to minimize injury and improve fitness

  • Give alternative exercises during workouts or classes for different levels of fitness and skill

  • Monitor clients’ progress and adapt programs as needed

  • Explain and enforce safety rules and regulations on sports, recreational activities, and the use of exercise equipment

  • Give clients information or resources about nutrition, weight control, and lifestyle issues

  • Give emergency first aid if needed


  •   Customer-service skills
  •   Communication skills
  •   Listening skills
  • Motivational skills
  •   Physical Strength
  •   Problem-solving skills


  • Personal fitness trainer
  • Group fitness instructor
  • Specialized fitness instructor
  • Fitness director