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Study In Iran

Capital : Teheran

Languages : Persia

Currency : Iranian rial (IRR)

Population : 79,926,270

Why study in Iran?

Iranian universities are best known for their programs in chemistry, medicine, engineering, and physics. Many foreign students come to Iran to study the culture and history of the region. Post-secondary admission in Iran is highly competitive for state funded colleges. Students who earn admission to universities do not typically pay for tuition or boarding except those attending Islamic Azad University, which is self-funded and, therefore, independent of the state budget.

Some people wish to study in Iran to master the language, learn about the culture, or even prepare for a future in diplomatic relations with Iran and other Middle Eastern cultures.

Be aware that female students in Iran were barred from pursuing degrees in more than 70 different degree courses in 2012. The official reason is that the state has decided these courses are to be single gender courses, which effectively limits them to men. Female students interested in studying abroad in Iran, need to verify the courses they plan to take will be available to them.

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Tehran University Of Medical Sciences Tehran,Iran

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